Classic Series

Universal Quartzz is delighted to deliver a diverse range of Quartz Slab designs to a global audience. This will enable them to enhance the ambiance of their home, office, kitchen, bathroom, or any other location with our creative designs. These designs are affordable, durable, and offer the highest quality Quartz Slab available.

Universal Quartzz specializes in all of the major Quartz Slab categories and designs that are currently in high demand on a national and international scale. Quartz Slabs are also known as engineered stones because they are created with human intervention. Powered Quartz is transformed into a magnificent Quartz Slab slab. When we discuss quartz being suitable for kitchen countertops, we discuss the benefits that make it the most suitable choice. The ease of cleaning, care, and repair places quartz at the top of the quality list. Because they are composed of a resin amalgamation, they are easily cleaned. They require less upkeep and can be easily cleaned with soapy water and a damp rag. A quartz countertop is nothing but a blessing to anyone who comes into contact with it regularly. Take a look at the available range of stones at Universal Quartzz. 

  • Classic Series
  • Carrara Series
  • Premium Series
  • Statuario Series
  • Calacatta Series
  • Luxury Series 

Even though Quartz Slab countertops are engineered products manufactured with quality and durability, they are more like investments for your dream home. Quartz Slab is a good investment and an easy choice for your kitchen. Countertops are essential when it comes to creating a kitchen platform. To be considered safe for a kitchen, they must be strong and flammable. Their importance lies in the fact that they serve as the foundation for everything else. Therefore, when selecting a product, not only durability, but also aesthetics, color, and patterns must be considered. Quartz countertops are a well-known Quartz Slab that is used to enhance the appearance of any space. They are the most discussed pieces in the Indian market. Because of their gleaming and shiny interfaces, they simply exquisitely elevate the aesthetic of any interior.

It is easy for you to order any of these Quartz Slabs from us and we will deliver them at the best price & on time. Quartz Slabs can be used in many ways within your home or office in order to create the most luxurious and elegant parts of your space.  

Our aim is to meet our customers’ idealistic requirements as soon as possible as an India-based Quartz Manufacturer and Global Supplier. You can find some decent and high-quality Quartz with customization options at Universal Quartz – perfect for room, kitchen, office, bathroom, or any type of interior design.

In our classic series there are numerous options for you to pick from. The pieces are so elegant and classy that they can easily find their spot in your space.


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