Premium Series

Having built our reputation on supplying and exporting marble, granite, and sandstone to a variety of countries over the past two decades, we are glad to expand our quartz manufacturing, supply, & exporting horizons.

Universal Quartzz provides high-quality engineered quartz slabs in a variety of designs and patterns, as well as full customization and quick delivery across the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. Choosing Universal Quartz will make your dream home a reality by utilizing exclusive Quartz Slab designs in the most modern style.

We are an India-based quartz manufacturer and global supplier fully dedicated to meeting our customers’ idealistic requirements as soon as possible. kitchens Universal Quartz, we provide a wide selection of quartz slabs, from high-quality Quartz to customized quartz, ideal for rooms, Kitchens, Offices, Bathrooms, and any interior design application.

Because of its ease of cleaning, care, and repair, quartz is at the top of the durability list. Because they are made of a resin blend, they are easy to clean. They need less upkeep and can be cleaned with soapy water and a damp rag. A quartz countertop is a godsend for anyone who comes into contact with it regularly. Check out the stone selection at Universal Quartzz.

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The elegant shade of white will make your kitchens, countertops, or bathrooms strikingly stylish and of utmost premium. These quartz are finely crafted and steamingly polished and have an elegant touch while being both fashionable and durable. These stones are chosen by people who want to make their desired places a reflection of royalty and luxury. Their exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal make them a popular choice. Furthermore, it can be used in prestigious architectural facades as well as homes, workplaces, and offices.

We offer custom-designed Quartz Slabs that can be used for a variety of applications, the most common of which is Quartz Kitchen Countertops. Using Quartz Kitchen Countertops enhances the appearance of your kitchen unusually, with an eye-catching design that soothes your mood every time you enter it. As a result, this stone is ideal for kitchen interior design and remodeling projects. The most popular countertop choice for kitchen interiors is quartz, rather than marble and granite. It is due to their lightweight nature, ease of installation, lack of chemical adhesives, and low maintenance requirements that they are so popular. As a result, this stone is the best choice for kitchen interior design.

Adding Quartz Slab to walls, bathtubs, vanity areas, bathroom slabs, soap counters, or showers will improve your mood whenever you use the bathroom. Quartz Slabs will help our customers avoid water spots and cleaning headaches in the bathroom. Avoid using harsh chemicals or heavy detergents on the quartz countertop, as they will damage the surface and shorten the lifespan of the stone. Granite and marble are not the only options for kitchen countertops. Quartz kitchen countertops are the most popular. Due to their lightweight nature, quick installation, lack of chemical adhesives, and low maintenance needs, they are a good choice.

Quartz slabs can be used in the bathroom and shower by installing them on the walls, the bathtub, the vanity top, or the soap dish. This will enhance your mood every time you walk in. This design is also complete since the sealing line can be easily hidden. Additionally, quartz-engineered stones are more stylish than other kinds of natural stones because they have a variety of designs. Quartz Slab is the preferred choice when it comes to designing an attractive and luxurious bathroom, whether it is the vanity top, shower walls, flooring, bathtub, or the whole room.

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