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Universal Quartzz

Your One-Stop Quartz Solution

We’re a versatile Quartz Stone Manufacturer, Supplier, & Exporter with an extensive range of Quartz Stone Designs, Customization, & help you elevate the space into a luxurious one.


We believe in using the latest, finest, and top-quality materials, tools, and techniques to deliver premium quality Quartz Stone Designs along with ensuring environmental health where no living organism could harm with our Quartz Manufacturing process.


Universal Quartz aims to be one of the largest & trusted Quartz Stone Manufacturing & Suppliers worldwide by meeting the expectations of customers by delivering the utmost satisfaction, making their dream place LIVE.


As the demand for Quartz stone is at its peak, many Quartz Stone Suppliers already in the industry are unable to adequately meet customers’ demand maintaining high-quality & quick delivery.

Meet The Founders

Ajay Agarwal

Ajay Agarwal (Director)

Mr. Ajay Agarwal comes from an international background ensuring an incredible experience of over 30+ years. His extensive experience caters great expertise which contributes to being even better.

Neeraj Agarwal

Neeraj Agarwal (Director)

Mr. Neeraj Agarwal is a pioneer in the stone industry having enormous and dynamic experience of over 20+ years and now, he is on a mission to disrupt the world of quartz stone.

Social & Environment

We believe in sustainable approach - giving back to nature & flourish resources for coming generations.

Building a new space doesn’t mean to harm the nature, we help our customers to renovate spaces not causing any harm to the environment unknowing, We take care of nature by using advanced tools & techniques that safeguard our nature, ultimately societies.


Materials, Tools, & Techniques - A composition of crushed stones bind together with premium adhesive and unsaturated polyester resins. Our Engineered Quartz Stones are 99.9% pure silica in grits and powdered-form constitutes 90–93% of the body by weight manufactured at an ambient temperature. Our Quartz Stones possess high-hardness, strength and thermal shock resistance than granite & marble.


Our Quartz manufacturing materials characterized by low-water absorption and superior grade chemical, leaving zero waste after processing into our waste management refinery. Using advanced Quartz manufacturing tools & techniques, we’re capable of producing high-quality Quartz Stones without damaging our planet, The Earth.


We believe in using renewable source of energy, like Solar Energy, to carry on product manufacturing process. Rajasthan is the huge source of Solar Energy and we’ve installed large plants to cut-down the use of electricity.


Based on Clean Energy Regulation Act 2011, we’re extremely focused on reducing green house emission from our manufacturing to delivering through strategic planning & using the most optimal solutions.


Universal Quartzz adopt the best working process in order to maintain a healthy life business among its employees and environment by earring trust of customers across globe without compromising.

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