Care & Specification

What’s Inside

Our luxurious Quartz Stones designs uplift any place’s aura and leave an impression last for a long. We offer exclusive Quartz Designs that aren’t available with other Quartz Suppliers in the industry. These Quartz designs are super easy to maintain regularly with minimal effort, and keep your worries at bay.

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Installing Quartz Stone decor comparatively have bigger benefits than Marble & Granite in several ways. Apart from this, Quartz Stones are attractive, colorful, and need low maintenance, with a good life span, reducing your interior decoration cost significantly.

Care & Maintenance

First & foremost, avoid using any bleach-containing cleaning solution on the Quartz surface, it will tend to damage Quartz Stone, reducing the shine and life of Quartz. Do not use any kind of decalcifies on the Quartz Stone surface for cleaning purposes. To keep it clean use water & cleaning agents with a neutral pH base. Scrap away any sticky items & swipe stains immediately instead of waiting for them to dry. Moreover, make sure to not hit with the heavyweight & do not use a knife directly on the surface for high durability.


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Calacatta Quartz stones are highly durable & sturdy and one of the finest stones that require very low maintenance that can be cleaned with water & soap mix.

Yes, Quartz Stones is the perfect choice for Kitchen Countertops, backsplash, cutting boards, shelves, flooring, etc. that uplift the Kitchen aura into a shiny & luxurious one.

There are several Quartz Stone Suppliers available in the market. However, you can choose those that are compatible to deliver Quartz Stones into your country, provide design customization, understand your design needs, who is trusted & worked on some projects, & have good customer testimonials.

Installing Quartz Stones into your place has several advantages like it has a better uniform design pattern than Granite & Marble, it is shinier, looks luxurious, is easy to clean, antibacterial, requires low-maintenance, high durability is environment friendly, easy to repair if cracks occur, & available in wider designs than any other similar stones.

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