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Spring Valley Quartz embodies timeless sophistication with its captivating blend of colour and functionality. The base of creamy white quartz is infused with subtle veins of cool grey, creating a balanced and elegant aesthetic that never goes out of style. Engineered for strength and durability, Spring Valley Quartz resists scratches and chips, making it perfect for busy households.  The non-porous surface repels stains, allowing for effortless maintenance and a lifetime of beauty.  This versatile quartz transcends its function and can be used for countertops, backsplashes, floors, or accent walls, elevating any space with its timeless design.

Spring Valley

Product Code :
Color : White
Size : 130" x 79"

Applicable Spaces :
Kitchen Countertops, Bathroom Vanity Tops, Laboratory Counters, Reception Desk, Table Tops, Coffee Table, Window Sills, Stairs, Indoor Wall Cladding and Flooring.

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