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Universal Quartz is delighted to offer a wide range of Quartz stone designs to a global audience that allows them to uplift the ambiance of their home, office, kitchen, bathroom, or any place with our unique designs, affordable, highly durable & best in quality Quartz Stone available in the market.

Universal Quartz deals in the three major Quartz Stone categories & designs that are highly demanded across borders.

  • Calacatta Quartz Stone
  • Carrara Quartz Stone
  • Statuario Quartz Stone

With us, you can easily order any of these Quartz Stones and we promise to deliver at the best price & delivery on time.

Quartz Stone Uses Idea:

There are multiple uses of Quartz Stone in your home or at the office that turn out to be the most elegant & luxurious part of your place.

Some of the major Quartz Stone uses are:

Quartz Kitchen Countertops: We are a dedicated Quartz Countertop Manufacturer in the market. We provide exclusive design Quartz Slabs that can be used for multiple purposes, among which Quartz Kitchen Countertop is highly demanded. Using Quartz Kitchen Countertops enhances your kitchen appearance in a unique way with an eye-catching design that soothes your mood every time you enter your kitchen. Not only will it boost your kitchen appearance but also it is very easy to clean & do maintenance. If anything spilled on the Quartz Kitchen Countertop, whether a sauce, coffee, oil, or even coarse particles, can get easily clean with a single swipe. Just normal water & soap can do all for you to clean the Quartz Kitchen countertop. Make sure to not use any harsh chemical or heavy detergent or decalcifies over the Quartz kitchen countertop, it will damage the surface & reduce the lifespan of the Quartz stone. Unlike Marble & Granite, Quartz Kitchen Countertops are the perfect option for kitchen interior as they are lightweight, get easily installed, do not use chemical heavy-adhesives, & require less maintenance which makes this stone the best for kitchen interior designing & uplifting purposes.

Quartz Vanity in Bathroom & Shower: You can use Quartz Stones to beautify the shower place by using them on the bathroom walls, your favorite bathtub, vanity area, bathroom slabs, or soap counters to bring an aesthetic feel to boost your mood every time you use the bathroom. We suggest our customers use our Quartz Slabs in their bathroom area with no worries of water spots & cleaning headaches. Why? Because, unlike the natural stones, Quartz Engineered Stones are perfect for wet conditions and do not get damaged easily by water. You even do not need to use special sealers to hold the Quartz Stone on the bathroom or shower walls as it will tighten to the surface with a normal adhesive. Also, the sealing line easily disappeared which makes the design look complete. Moreover, with Quartz Engineered stones you can add more design to your bathroom as there are multiple designs available that are not found in other kinds of natural stones. Whether you want to design a vanity surface, shower walls, flooring, bathtub, or entire bathroom, Quartz Stone is the best choice to design an aesthetic & luxurious bathroom among all.

Quartz Living Room Decor: Another the most popular & highly recommended use of Quartz stone is Living room decor. Quartz stones are best to use for flooring the living room, decorating the walls, or creating a separate Living room panel with a unique Quartz design to uplift the aura of your living room area. As Quartz Stones bring various design options, it is the best thing you can go for when deciding the material you want to use to boost the living room interior. Moreover, it will reduce the cost of enhancing the appearance of your living room as you do not require many decorative items to design your room, it is a complete design solution for you.

Apart from these, you can use Quartz Engineered Stones anywhere you want for designing purposes. At offices, reception tables, bedrooms, backsplashes, fireplaces, or any place you want can be uplifted with the Quartz stones. To learn more, contact us and we will guide you with ideas to use Quartz stones & show you multiple designs that can inspire & give you a better understanding of how Quartz Stones can be used for your home or office interior decor.

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