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Quartz stone is likely to be the most demanding stone for contemporary countertops in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. The upsurge in demand is because of the durable, non-porous, and strong quality of quartz countertops and it is also likely to increase in the coming time on a global platform. When talking about the varied countertop construction materials, quartz stone is considered the most preferred & reliable one.

The global kitchen cabinet industry is growing at a rapid rate with huge possibilities for several engineered stones to enter the market and bring momentous changes. Quartz countertop has been the one to top the chart most likely in the coming years because of its extreme use in interior design work. Quartz stone is referred to as the face of the engineered stone market because of its huge demand in the Western countries and India is the dominant player in fulfilling this rising demand.

For the past many years, quartz stone furnishings have been the favorite among the residents and homeowners. There are beautiful and enchanting quartz countertops colors available that can surely fetch the attention of the customers worldwide.

In India, various quartz countertops manufacturers supply these stones across nations. Universal Quartz (UQ) is among the top leading manufacturers of quartz products and has globally extended roots because of its top-notch quality and budgeted price range. To enhance the beauty of your living spaces, UQ offers the most beautiful and tranquil furnishings.

From bathroom vanities to kitchen countertops, from counters to custom-made products, Quartz slab is the most favored material for a wide range of applications. Undoubtedly, Universal Quartz has a range of products that are not only the trendiest but also timeless. To bring a dramatic look to our products, we work on an approach to bring together classic designs and modern styles.

Our collection has a variety of textures, from black quartz to white quartz, from smoky quartz to clear quartz; metallic-sheen finish quartz countertops are our unique selling proposition. When comparing quartz vs granite, the latter is too expensive and thus both industrialists and homeowners prefer to choose Quartz stone over granite. Not only the price is the primary factor, but the availability of patterns and colors is another major reason behind the increased demand for Quartz furnishings.

The style and durability of Universal Quartz’s are matchless as we use robotic technology to process high-quality deliverables that can match the persona of the living spaces of our clients. Because of our competitive prices and superior quality, we have recurring buyers who have been associated with us for years. As a quartz slab importer, you might have several options from where you can import but to help you with not only quality products, Universal Quartz is competitively the finest when it comes to factors like shipping, variety, sampling, availability, warranty and customs.

The entire team of Universal Quartz is extremely passionate & quality-driven when it comes to designing and delivering products to our clients. We have a variety of quartz countertops including Calacatta, Santiago, Silestone, and many more. For every individual, furnishing their homes is a dream task to do & it becomes too satisfying when the outcome is better than what they have been expecting. Universal Quartz is there to accomplish your dream by putting colors into it.

What we export is of superior quality, sheen finish, high durability, and unique designs. Universal Quartz is considered one of the best quartz manufacturers in India. We source premium quality materials to pass all sorts of quality inspections and bring a high level of satisfaction to our clients.

We have a team of expert designers, quality analysts, and production supervisors to come up with exquisite products to match high-profile spaces. We have a team to handle our client queries 24*7 so that they do not face any sort of issues once they start using our products. So, to get the most durable, high-performing, customized, cost-efficient, low-maintenance & superior quality products, you can look to Universal Quartz being the best option to meet your requirements.

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