Calacatta Series

Universal Quartzz is related to provide such a diverse range of Quartz Slab to a global audience. This will allow them to upgrade the ambiance of their home, office, kitchen, bathroom, or any other site by incorporating our creations. These designed stones are minimal, long-lasting, and feature the finest Quartz Slab available.

On a worldwide stage, Universal Quartzz offers a wide range in all of the popular Quartz Slab categories and designs. Quartz Slab are often recognized as engineered stones since they are formed without the need for human interference. Quartz is shaped into an absolutely gorgeous Quartz Slab. When we talk about quartz being suitable for kitchen countertops, we’re talking about the advantages that make it an ideal prospect.

Because of its ease of cleaning, care, and repair, quartz is at the top of the durability list. Because they are made of a resin blend, they are easy to clean. They need less upkeep and can be cleaned with soapy water and a damp rag. A quartz countertop is a godsend for anyone who comes into contact with it on a regular basis. Check out the stone selection at Universal Quartzz.

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Quartz Slab countertops make a beautiful addition to any lovely space in your home, as they are long-lasting and extremely durable. Quartz Slab is a worthwhile option and an easy choice for your kitchen. Worktops or countertops are essential when it comes to designing a kitchen platform, a workstation, or a bathroom. In order to be considered safe for use in a kitchen, they must be both strong and flammable. Their critical importance stems from the fact that they constitute the foundation for all that follows.

As a matter of fact, when choosing a product, not only should durability be considered, but also the product’s aesthetic appeal, appearance, and patterns. Quartz countertops are a highly regarded Quartz Slab that has the ability to transform the appearance of just about any space. They are among the most sought-after items in the Indian market. They essentially exceed expectations at look more appealing.

You can easily order each of these Quartz Slab from us, and we will deliver them to you at the best possible price as well as on time. Quartz Slab can be utilized in a diverse array of ways to create much more luxurious and chic elements of your house or office.

As an India-based quartz manufacturer and global supplier, our objective is to satisfy our customers’ idealistic specifications as promptly as possible. Universal Quartzz with the variety of customization options and alternative options available at Universal Quartz, you get high-quality quartz that is ideal for any room, kitchen, office, bathroom, or any type of interior.

Calacatta quartz has white, dramatic veining, producing thick, prominent patterns that make it rarer than other stones. In many cases it has a brown or gold undertone to it. Statuario is the most valuable variety of stone found in Italy. It has distinct veining that ranges from gold to gray.

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